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Why we created Inspire Others

We created this organization in a selfless effort to de-stigmatize mental health and help people who might be afraid to ask for help. As college students we felt that there are too many people out there suppressing how they really feel and we want to do everything to help. (Brady speaking) I am one who tries to psychoanalyze myself and too often I find it hard to ask for help because of the fear of being judged. I have gone through a lot upstairs from OCD to an eating disorder, to other things you will soon learn about. I felt that it was a better time than ever to talk about my problems in an effort to help myself and create a voice for the voiceless. 

One of my main concerns is how a demanding society has a debilitating impact on the mental health of the younger generation. Each year it gets harder and harder to keep up with our ever evolving world. We want to provide a safe space for everyone to share their thoughts. 

This upcoming summer 2022 into the fall we will be working on a variety of projects including a merch line, gaining clients for speeches, and enhancing our blog. Be sure to keep in touch with us for weekly updates! 

Brady Johnson


Asa Floyd


Noah Safer


Job: President, Website Developer, Co-Founder

Jobs outside of IO: Server & Bartender at Savanna's Bar and Bistro in Amherst and Pelham house Resort in Dennisport.


Interests: Food and wine studies. Boston sports. Family. Blogging (check out bradysblog). Italy. Self-improvement.


Mission: To be different than everyone else and create change in the world. To follow a less traveled path and be as kind and giving as I can on this journey called Life.

Job: Treasurer, Co-Founder, Social Media

Jobs outside of IO: Cogmedix Technician and Oyster Farmer in Dennis CC. 


Interests: Family and Friends are my priority. Sports especially football and baseball. Holidays and connecting with others.


Mission: Being a person who has struggled with mental health many times in the past, I really want to show people that they are not alone during a difficult time and how getting help will result in future happier moments.

Job: Social media, Public Relations, and Writer 

Jobs outside of IO: Farmer and a Server at The Commonwealth restaurant (Amherst)


Interests: Music, writing, spending time with family and friends, nature, hiking, and Boston sports.


Mission: To live a life of balance and peace, to bring happiness to others, and to carve out my unique place in the world while remain true to my inner self. 

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