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Written by: Asa Floyd
Published: October 26th, 2022

Be Inspired to - Keep Going

Always keep going - never stop. This is one of the main things I have always said to myself when I was at my worst mentally. I knew I had to stay preoccupied and stay busy to distract myself from the things that were bothering me.

Ways I accomplished this were getting out of bed (refer to Be Inspired 10/12) and staying out of bed. I would do this until night time when I was ready to fall asleep. By staying out of bed it allows you to accomplish things. And we all know by accomplishing things it gives us a sense of pride, which will raise your mood. It also does not allow us to get in bed with your thoughts and focus on the negativity in life.

Sunlight always helps as well. Just as good as sunlight staying out of the house. I have noticed my productivity levels have increased doing work at school compared to doing work on my couch in my apartment. I believe the thought of I am already here, mind as well do it and do it the right way.

All in all - staying out of bed and keeping going throughout the day will genuinely help us continue on the right path by focusing on the good and not allowing the negative in life to be your focus. You all never deserve that - negativity has nothing on you!

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