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Be Inspired To: Step out of your comfort zone!

Written by: Brady Johnson
Published: May 27th, 2022

Be Inspired To: Step out of your comfort zone!

Falling into your comfort zone is the easiest thing to do and one of the hardest things to climb out of for many people including myself. Each day every person makes a decision when that alarm clock goes off. The decision to make the uncomfortable choice and wake up or continue laying in bed and succumbing to the comfortable bed that you have been sleeping in. I used to be someone who could wake up on a consistent basis, 5 or 6 am everyday for weeks on end. In the past year or so that has changed. It is easy to tell yourself to get up early in the morning but it is a lot harder to actually do it when there are other factors that could be at play such as insomnia or depression. So I truly believe that it is more important to not obsess over when you wake up but instead take advantage of the time when you are awake.

Throughout the day there are many distractions that anyone could face that could lead into falling back into the comfort zone. Social media is a big distraction for many including myself. YouTube has been the biggest distraction as of late. I am a huge show / movie buff and with all of the available content on youtube I find myself gravitating towards old clips of my favorite shows like the Sopranos, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones. It is easy to fall into the rabbit hole this way and stay on the app for hours on end. So one thing I have really been trying to do is not watch YouTube when I am eating a meal. It leads to a bad cycle and the only way to escape it is if I start resisting what makes me comfortable.

Everyone’s life is different and we all have our own problems to overcome but as long as we think progressively about personal issues we will be better off in the end. Many people fall back into the comfort zone with work. A job where you can not constantly be innovating and have a chance to be promoted is one that probably will not lead to happiness. I am very lucky to have the summer job that I have, working as a bartender at the Pelham House. But this past winter going into this season I felt that I needed a change. I picked up a second job as a server at my local restaurant down the street because I knew that it would drive me out of my comfort zone and force me to pick up new skills. It is important to never stop doing what is best for you.

Obviously it is important to know what comfortable activities are beneficial and which ones you need to stay away from. It is really hard to go cold turkey on comfortable activities so for someone with a situation like mine, maybe go to 5 mins a day on Youtube and set a timer. Know your limits.

So take a risk, that is the best advice I can give anyone. Doesn’t matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel in the moment, it will be an opportunity for growth. Start that business that you have been thinking about for years, ask that girl out that you have had a thing for, just go for it.

Peace and Love,

Brady Johnson

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