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Be Inspired To: Write down your strengths

Written by: Asa Floyd
Published: June 3rd, 2022

'Be Inspired To' - Write down your strengths

Being able to jot down your strengths is important for your mental health and productivity. Last semester, I took a class at UMass Amherst with James Helling, a fantastic teacher and mentor. The major lesson from the class centered around learning more about yourself and ways you can improve, without putting too much pressure on yourself. At the beginning of the semester, we had to decide on 5 strengths that we believed we had. My strengths included - genuineness, ability to listen, loving, putting others first and willing to help. It was almost immediately after I wrote those strengths down, I realized that I could absolutely use my strengths more on a daily basis.

The reason I am recommending this is because I took action to use my strengths more daily, and realize the areas I need to improve on, such as speaking up and opening up to others. Which is fitting considering our goal with Inspire Others, it’s all about speaking about how you feel to others in order to better your mental health. I have not only used my strengths more, I have also improved in other areas which used to be weaknesses of mine.

It’s a good feeling when you know you excel at something, and using that power makes you great and helps to clear your mind. I would highly recommend jotting down a few things every Monday, 1-3 strengths in which you can focus on utilizing more throughout the next week or two. I genuinely hope this helps others the same way it helped myself.

Love to all!

Asa Floyd

PS - Also Be Inspired To take advantage of these hot summer days in New England, we will be brushing snow off our cars in no time!

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