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Inspire Others meetings

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Written by: IO team 
Published: 9/29/22

Inspire Others News

Hello all,

After a wonderful meeting last week with the Inspire Others team, we are very excited to introduce some new opportunities! First of all, we are continuing to look for more helpers to expand our network and build a larger team of leaders to help fight mental health! Please reach out to me, Asa, at 508-873-1792, if you are interested in helping us out. Whether that is a small or large contribution, we will talk and be more than appreciative either way.

As for new opportunities to help the community of UMass Amherst students, The Inspire Other team will be holding future meetings in which there will be guided discussions on talking about your experiences with mental health and what ideas you might have to help the fight. There will be an outpouring of support throughout the meetings. There will be food and drinks provided, and we are welcoming everyone! We will post the time, date and location once we finalize this with the school.

Our goals for the meetings will be to get an interactive group of students together who are passionate about this project! People who are experiencing similar struggles have the chance to interact with others and pick up helpful tips. We recognize that the fight against mental health is ongoing and we want to give everyone an opportunity to grow. We are genuinely excited to see peoples faces and continue to help out our peers during this uneasy road! We would love to see everyone there to help support Inspire Others and more importantly, the people struggling!

Thank you for your time,

The Inspire Others team

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