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Update on Inspire Others Organization

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

June 10, 2022

Inspire Others Press Release

Where are we now?

Our small team composed of Asa Floyd, Brady Johnson, and Noah Safer have all started new jobs recently so we apologize for the inactivity on such a timely project like the one we are trying to conduct. Our hearts are in the right place, it has just been hard to find the time and energy to progress as fast as we had hoped. We want to be transparent with our audience and let everyone know that this is not something we will be giving up on anytime soon. We will continue with our daily quotes and weekly blog posts for the next couple of weeks.

Summer 2022 Plans

This summer is really going to be about making sure that we have everything lined up and properly planned out. Stay tuned and believe that we will do everything in our power to make a difference.

Presentation Opportunities

As founders of this organization, Brady and Asa Floyd would like to announce that starting in July, we are now open to speaking and presenting the Inspire Other mission, as well as ways to help protect your mental health. Feel free to reach out to learn more or have any questions at 508-873-1792! We are truly excited to launch our mission and share our sympathy toward people who suffer with mental illness!

Future Ways of Support

In the coming weeks we will also release more information about future possibilities within our organization because our aspirations are to grow and with that being said we will need some help. Once again we thank everyone for their patience and support!

Our donation page is now up and running, and we will be using donations for donating to NAMI Massachusetts, merchandise, as well as putting on events in the near future! We appreciate all of the support!

Peace and Love,

The Inspire Others Team

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